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On Answered Prayer

I’m beginning to see the importance of writing out my prayers. Among other reasons, it’s a great way to look back and see how those prayers have been answered.

I do realize that, at first, this sounds silly. I would think that if something was important enough to me to pray about it, that I would recognize the answer, whatever it was, when it came. But I’m a human and I don’t have a perfect memory. I forget things easily.

Case in point:

In Cambridge, we narrowed our housing options down to three properties. Each had their good and bad qualities, none of them really outweighing the others. I thought to myself, “this decision is impossible! I have no idea how to choose which will be better for us. There are too many unknowns and I just can’t do this.” So I prayed that we wouldn’t have to make a choice. That two would get ruled out and we would be left with whichever place would be best for us.

Before we left England, two of the places were sold or leased to other people, leaving us with just one option.

Totally forgetting my previous prayer, we (mostly I) freaked out. What if this place wasn’t so great after all? What if we get there and realize that we can’t afford it? What if we ship our furniture to England and then realized we wished we hadn’t? And so on.

I’ve been delibarating since Monday night about what we should do. I spent hours looking for temporary housing in Cambridge for us to live in for the first month or two while we scouted out a more permanent place to live. We finally sent in the leasing application for the property yesterday, but with the understanding that we could still change our minds. I was so filled with uncertainty.

Until last night.

I was halfway through explaining our housing situation to some members of our community group when it hit me.

Isn’t this exactly what I had been praying for?

So then I had two choices. I could accept this as a pretty clear answer to my prayer, or I could hold out believing that it was just a convenient coincidence that looked like an answer to prayer.

If I’m being honest with myself, it’s so much easier to hold on to the coincidence theory and wallow in my anxiety. It’s more familiar and it’s pretty easy to do. But is that even really a viable choice? I asked God to show me what to do, and it sure seems like He did. If I really trust Him, I can’t very well respond with “Well that’s nice, but I don’t believe you, so thanks anyways but I’ll do my own thing.”

So, it looks like we’re pursuing this property full speed ahead. Who knows? It might not pan out in the end. But, I’m pretty sure this is at least the route He wants us to take to get wherever we need to be, so I have no business being anxious about our decision.


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It’s starting to hit me that we’re moving in just over five months and probably never coming back.

My husband’s PhD program in Cambridge lasts for 3-4 years and then he will (God willing) begin a career as a professor. We may stay overseas for a few additional years if he secures a position there, or we may come back to America when his schooling is over. Either way, however, there are currently no plans for him to ever teach in Texas.

Translation = we are never coming back to Texas.

::excuse me while I go hide in my bed and cry::

It’s going to be okay great, and I am going to love it. And, to dispell any confusion on the matter, I am thrilled about our upcoming adventure. And it’s not like I really even like living in Texas all that much. (As a place on the map with some of the worst weather.)

But, despite my feelings towards the Texas heat, I love my life that’s in Texas. I love the people that I know in Texas. I love the sentimental places that are in Texas. This is my home.

But about five months is all I have left. FIVE MONTHS.

How do you wrap up 23 years of your life in five months?!?

Has anyone else done something similar before? I could use some advice. Or at least some encouragement.

❤ LF

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Answered Prayer!

Tonight we got the official word that Chris has been accepted to Cambridge!!!!!!!

We are so thrilled!!!!


It’s a conditional offer, dependent on funding, his final GPA, and acceptance to an individual college (think the Harry Potter houses), but we’re fairly confident that those things will all work out.


On that note, however, we would appreciate your prayers for scholarships!

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Moving: A Story of Puppies

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this recently, so for those of you I don’t talk to in person on a regular basis, my husband and I will be moving out of Texas next summer for my husband to work on his doctorate. We are still in the “evaluating everything” stage, and nothing at all is certain, but there is a real chance that our move will take us to the UK.

To be honest, I’m one-hundred-percent terrified, but I mostly just try not to think about it. It will be a fun adventure, right?

[Nevermind that I’ve lived my entire life in Texas, 22 out of those 23 years were in Houston or the surrounding suburbs. Nevermind that my entire family (immediate and otherwise) lives in the greater Houston area, our church is in Houston, and, by the way, I hate saying goodbye. And nevermind that moving overseas most likely means not bringing the majority of our furniture that I worked so hard to affordably buy and match together less than a year ago. That’s what I’m trying not to think about]

But this post really isn’t about any of that. This post is about puppies.

It all started when I was browsing Facebook. Oh Facebook. A friend of a friend needs a foster home for her adorable beyond belief puppy while she and her husband are overseas for a year. Cue me calling my sweet husband over to see the cute puppy and beg for permission to be foster parents. I want a puppy. I have no limits. (Okay, maybe a few.)

Sweet, logical husband is not swayed.

“Sweetheart, we don’t have the space/time/etc etc for a puppy.”
“We’re moving in less than a year, so we can’t commit to that”
“What about when we have to adopt Rebel*? He might roll over and squish that puppy”

So I turned to the pet adoption websites. ‘Cause that’s completely different, right? Right. (Good. I knew you were with me on this)

Sweet, logical husband is not swayed by postings I read to him about adorable dogs needing homes.

“We’re moving in less than a year, it’s really hard on a puppy to make that big of a move”
“We can adopt a puppy after we move, I’m sure there will be cute puppies in the UK as well”

In case you weren’t aware, I am a planner and a doer. So clearly my next step is to google pet adoption in the UK. Just to see what’s out there, you know. It’s never too early to start planning ahead, right? (Just agree, even if you think I’m crazy.)

Oh. My. Goodness.

In their defense, I’m sure these puppies are absolute sweethearts and I’m sure these photos were taken at the dogs’ worst angles by unskilled photographers.

However, those were not the thoughts that were going through my mind as I quickly scrolled through these photos looking for a pet to call my own.

This dog is a "lurcher" which sounds a lot like lurker, which sounds like a creepy type of dog to me! No thank you!

"Collie Cross" Collie crossed with what??

After many more of these kind-of-normal-looking-but-just-not-quite dogs, I was hysterically laughing and crying at the same time (kind of laughing because I was so sad and crying because the whole thing was so ridiculous, if that makes any sense). Somewhere through the sobs and laughs, I managed to inform my husband that we could not move somewhere that didn’t have cute dogs! This is an important quality in a city!

Eventually, I did find a Norfolk Terrier that I could live with.

And then I saw the price. £900. (For those of you not up on your currency exchanges, that is approximately $1,423.)

Oh. My. Goodness.

I love puppies as much (if not a little more) than the next person, but, I just don’t think I’m up to spending quite that much on the purchase of one.

So, maybe I won’t be getting a dog post-move after all.

Does anyone want to loan me theirs?

❤ LF

*Rebel is my husband’s childhood dog that we may or may not be adopting from my husband’s parents in the near future. He is not a puppy by far. He is a sweet, wise, old dog (which is not the same!). You can see him here.

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