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Cake Advice

Okay internet, I need some advice.

Here’s the scoop:

When we ordered our wedding cake, part of the deal was that the bakery would make us an anniversary cake in the same flavor one year later, free of charge.

Pretty sweet idea since cake that’s been frozen for a year is generally not tasty.

Except, come to find out, our frozen cake actually was really tasty.

Also, for the sake of this story, you should know that we have several pieces of this tasty cake still in our freezer.

Back to the issue at hand:

There were some issues about getting our cake on our actual anniversary, so we postponed the deal to this past weekend.

I emailed back and forth with the bakery multiple times about the details and it was confirmed, more than once, that we would be picking up a spice cake with cream cheese icing.

So on Saturday evening, when we cut into our sweet little anniversary cake, imagine my surprise to find a plain vanilla wedding cake with really bad-tasting icing!

So here’s the question: Do I call and request a new cake? Or do I just forget it and move on with my life?

On the one hand, we have plenty of cake in the freezer that’s STILL good, so we don’t really NEED any more cake. But on the other hand, the happy wishes and dream hand, this was a major dissapointment.

{And, the topic of Chris and my original wedding cake is sort of a tragic story, (which you would know if I could ever get around to writing about it), so I sort of feel like I really need a happy ending to this wedding cake saga. }

But in the end, it’s still just cake.

What would you do?

❤ LF


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I realized last night that I hadn’t blogged in over a week. Oops! I realize that maybe a list doesn’t quite count as a post, but all the cool kids are doing it (see here and here), so I think it will be okay.

1. This Sunday is mine and Chris’s first anniversary! I can hardly believe it’s been a year. Sometimes, it feels like our wedding happened last week. One of these days, I will actually write about our wedding and the ridiculous year leading up to it, but today is not that day. (Tomorrow or Sunday won’t be either.) We have a wedding to attend tomorrow, but then, we’re free to celebrate!!

2. I love my job and I am so grateful that I’ve been blessed with it. Yes, it still has its little frustrations, but what job doesn’t? No, my bosses aren’t perfect, but who is? No, my paycheck doesn’t hold a candle to what big D was paying me, but, I’m actually happy here and with life in general, and who can put a price on that kind of happiness? I haven’t even looked at my CPA review materials since my last exam, not because I’ve been working around the clock, but because I have been spending time with my husband! And with my friends! What a concept! Such things were hardly even possible to think about with my former job. I know I’ve said it a lot, but God has been so good to us in this.

3. Have you heard of Andrew Peterson and his Behold the Lamb of God tour? No? Go here. Right now. I was able to see the live performance a few years ago and it was spectacular. It’s a wonderful, amazingly artistic, “song cycle” of the coming of Christ. This year, we decided to get the album for multiple people on our Christmas list, and when the cds arrived in the mail, we found a pleasant surprise! Included in the package was an untitled cd with a small collection (4-5 songs) of Andrew Peterson’s music. I listened to it for the first time today and fell in LOVE. It was such a moving cd. Do your self a favor this Christmas and get your hands on some of his music. Behold the Lamb of God is obviously amazing, but I know the rest is just as great. (The songs on our free cd came from Resurrection Letters, Vol. II and The Far Country)

Have a great weekend! When I come back, I’ll have been married for a whole year!

❤ LF

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Wow. Sorry for all of the negativity last weekend. Public accounting can do that to a girl. I am happy to report that the rest of the weekend was filled with higher spirits as we celebrated my husband’s birthday for three-whole NON-WORKING days! And then two more work-days to get us to his actual birthday on Wednesday. And one of those days, I left work at 8 (lame) and the next I left work at 4:15! Yes, you read that right. FOUR FIFTEEN IN THE AFTERNOON! If you deduced from this that my bosses opted for the reduced-work-hours rather than the leave of absence, you would be correct. This is the plan through the 18th, when I finish my stint with this client (PRAISE THE LORD!) and hopefully can begin a leave of absence from the auditing world to study for my CPA…in auditing. (It never ends, World, it never ends.)

But, I spend enough of my life at work, preparing for work, or worrying about work, so no more talk of that for now. On to the weekend! Tomorrow my husband and mother-in-law will be picking me up from my client’s office and taking me to the airport with them! (I LOVE flying*!!) We will then get on a plane to somewhere in Virginia and then drive from the airport in whatever city our plane lands to a small town called Emporia. (Don’t ask me where in Virginia this is. You could leave me there and  take my iPhone and I would never find my way home. Clearly I have had no involvement in the planning of this, but I think that adds to the level of relaxation it will bring…because I don’t have to make  a SINGLE decision. Other than what to pack, of course. AND sidetracked, sorry! Back to the plan…) When we arrive in Emporia we will go to my grandmother-in-law’s house and promptly go to sleep! (!!!!!!) On Saturday we will wake up and spend the next day and a half celebrating my grandmother-in-law’s birthday and seeing my husband’s cousins and other family members. This is especially exciting for two reasons. 1) his younger girl cousins were two of my flower girls and they are so so cute. See here. 2) All my life I have never had an aunt. Upon marrying my husband, I acquired an aunt. And she’s a “cool” aunt. No really. After never having any sisters or any aunts (and while we’re covering this, not having any first cousins…) I’m excited to have an aunt I can call my own. And we will be seeing her in Emporia. Oh and 3) by going out of town, I have eliminated any chance at all of having to work on Saturday (!!).

*I am so excited about this plane trip. Other than the actual flying part, I have some unknown to me number of hours on a plane where I have time to do THINGS. I am so overwhelmed by this that I can’t decide what to do. (study for the CPA exam, sleep, read my book(!!), finally finish my thank you notes, sort/edit wedding/honeymoon photos(!!!!), write all those blog posts I have previously promised to write but haven’t had any time to think about…) I almost wish this flight would last all day so I could accomplish everything on that list…

But anyways. That is what I’m looking forward to this week. And the reason that I am still awake and blogging at 11PM at night. (Because I am the world’s slowest packer…) Has anyone else ever been to Emporia? Maybe my grandmother-in-law knows you!

Happy Weekend!

❤ LF

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I might be exaggerating a little, but it was pretty great. In a non-conventional way.

I started off the weekend at 1:00PM on Friday! ONE PM!!!! And then promptly drove to my husband’s work to help him finish a project for HIS job. The things you do for love. Around three, I started on my extremely long to-do list, just a little behind schedule. I started by taking almost my entire work wardrobe to the cleaners (we’re talking like…22 pieces), because it was long overdue. And then I went grocery shopping. On FRIDAY afternoon! Complete with my grocery-store-cup-of-Starbucks! Thanks to the million dollars in Starbucks cards I inherited in this marriage. Best way to start a weekend ever!

After grocery shopping, the next item on the list was cleaning. Hardcore cleaning. I’m not talking about dusts and mops and bleach and toothbrushes, I’m talking about about boxes and bags and storage bins and organizers and trash bags and “give away” sacks. I went to town. Since in January we pretty much went from  sick-and-sleep-deprived-from-our-honeymoon-and-terrible-delayed-flight-home, to quick-buy-everything-else-we-need-to-survive-in-our-apartment-and-get-Laura-through-her-two-week-out-of-town-training-while-at-the-same-time-driving-45-minutes-every-day-to-see-our-family-that’s-“in-town,” to my auditing busy season, to Chris’s term-paper deadlines, there are a lot of boxes that never got unpacked. This weekend, I fixed this.

I started with the bathroom cabinets. I’m excited about this, but I know you’re probably not at all, so let’s move on to the study closet. Before I started, we couldn’t take two steps into the closet. When I finished with it, it had become a full-on walk-in closet again. Amazing. I know. I owe it all to my many years of Tetris. And  a little to our bed that leaves enough room to store guitars underneath it. And maybe to the trash can. And possibly to the fact that sometimes my husband uses an entire box to store one book. Yes, I discovered that this weekend.

By the time I finished with the closet it was around 11pm and high time for me to go to bed. I was feeling exceptionally adventurous, so for the first time since maybe November, I read a book before I went to bed. Ever since I finished my last book series, I haven’t found anything to really hold my interest. I even abandoned a series a quarter into the first book, something I’m not sure I’ve ever done before, because it just couldn’t hold a candle to what I’d just finished. But I started a new book on Friday, and I think I really identify with the author. It’s a little different, but I think it will be good. I’m excited!

And then, after a good night’s rest, I spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday tackling the study. Let me explain our study. When we moved in, my husband lined the walls with bookshelves. He painstakingly placed all our (mostly his) books on them. By category. And then alphabetically within those categories. (This is serious business, you guys). And then I came in and lined the floor in front of the shelves with boxes. Overflowing boxes. Boxes preventing anyone from getting within 5-7 feet of the shelves. And then I covered my desk with boxes. And papers. And then things accumulated as the the months went by and I still hadn’t set up my desk. So basically…I avoid the study at all costs. It’s a scary place. It means lots of work. Lots of time commitment. Lots of me being ashamed that I haven’t conquered it sooner. When my mom asks me when she can see wedding pictures. Or when I’ll send out my wedding thank you notes, I use the study as an excuse. “I still have a room overflowing with boxes!” It hangs over my head like that thing you know you’ve forgotten to turn off as you leave the house for vacation, but can’t seem to remember. Or that essay you know you need to write over Spring Break. You know the feeling I’m talking about. But now, Ladies and Gentleman, I can announce that I have cleaned our study. Perfect it is not. A few wedding and decorating related boxes remain. But OH MY GOODNESS YOU CAN SEE THE FLOOR AND OH MY GOSH I HAVE A DESK AGAIN!! Most exciting accomplishment of the year! And afterwards, I even started the process of going through my wedding photos to decide on things to print. Am I on a roll or what??

On Saturday I even put my husband to work on the study, since he did have his own share of the mess to clean. I felt a little bad for making him work all day after he’s been working so hard in school lately. That is until our prayer that night when he mentioned being grateful for the relaxing day. Grateful? Relaxing? I need to put this man to work more often!

To top off the wonderful weekend of accomplishment, my husband made the Pioneer Woman’s Lasagna and Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. Again. If I were a man, that would be the way to my heart. However, I’m not, so it’s just a way to make me very very content with life.

In closing, I want to leave you with what is most likely my absolute favorite wedding picture. Possibly my favorite picture of all time. (Click it to make it bigger!!!) These are my flower girls, all related to my husband, clockwise from the bottom left, my niece, Lily, cousin, Ashtyn, (Me), cousin, Emily (sister of Ashtyn), cousin, Renna, and niece, Ellie (sister of Lily). I love all of these little girls so much, but I can’t look at this photo and not want to hop on a plane to Norway. That face. The basket and circlet thrown on the floor. There aren’t words.

❤ LF

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Guilty Pleasures!

When I got engaged, everyone told me how much fun wedding planning was going to be. I was pretty excited about picking out everything for my big day and getting to count down the days, so I welcomed the encouragement. But to be one-hundred-percent honest with you…they lied. But who knows? Maybe I’m the exception to the rule. I do know that if you name an area of wedding planning, I will tell you the most ridiculous complication in the world that we have had to go through to accomplish the task. You might not even believe the stories I could tell. Pure chaos. I’m an accountant, I thrive on order and planning ahead…so this has not been fun. I am still so so excited about my wedding, and weddings in general, but I haven’t had a good experience!

Now that I have that out of the way, I have to tell you about my really guilty and shameful pleasure and my favorite part of this wedding planning experience (and the part that happened today!). After the long list of unexpected mishaps, high levels of family tension, and pre-wedding stresses, the thing I started to enjoy the most about this wedding business is the fact that at any given moment my doorbell might ring and a present might be delivered to my front door. This is a huge pick-me-up. You know that feeling that you get when something you’ve ordered online is FINALLY delivered?? It’s kind of like that…but way better. Because it’s completely unannounced and you have no idea what it might be, only that you know you’ll like it. One minute you’re having a bad day, and then the next you’re opening a present!!! Any day! Sometimes more than one in a day! It’s an amazing concept.

So the real point is that today, after a terribly frustrating phone call, I received a package from my cousin’s wife. Maybe it was because of the circumstances, and the fact that I didn’t get much sleep last night, but I think this is my favorite package ever! She sent one useful item (a timer), one also useful but soooo girly item (pretty glasses!!), and one purely fun item (a GIANT wooden apple)! In all truthfulness, we did register for the apple, but that was in June when I thought it would be funny to register for things like…giant wooden apples. At the time, I had no plan of what in the world I would do with it if we actually received it. But now I have a giant wooden apple, and it has probably made my week. Maybe my month! It will go in our kitchen and I will smiley hugely and dumbly every time I see it, because I love it. It is perfect! So even though I’ve finished school, am getting married, and am starting a new big-girl job, I don’t think I’m too grown up to appreciate the little things like surprise apples!

Big Apple!

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This past week I took bridal photos. I had my doubts about whether I actually wanted to do this whole part of the wedding-thing, but I was glad I did. It was quite the experience, and, although I may have felt like a tourist attraction for the day, I think that it will help our wedding day go much more smoothly.

The weeks and days leading up this were fairly stressful. All along I had thought I could take my sweet time and figure out my jewelry, makeup, etc. by December and all would be well–not so when you take bridal photos at the end of October!! There was a lot of scrambling around last week to figure out makeup, jewelry, dress alterations, and more.

In the end all was well. We were only a little bit late to meet our photographer, Tim, and we only forgot about flowers. (Oops!) Thankfully, my mom and my bridesmaid, Jennah, came with me so they were able to keep me laughing–it’s really awkward to stand around by yourself while someone takes photo after photo of you. (This increases a ton when people start honking their car horns and waving at you!) It was a beautiful day and the rain held off. It started sprinkling about 30 seconds after the last shot!

If you’re debating taking bridal photos-DO IT! In addition to having sweet photos for your family, it forces you to figure everything out early so you don’t have to do it just before the wedding when you’re even more stressed! I learned a lot of helpful things from this, like:

  • Exactly how long my hair/makeup takes-so now I can schedule things for the wedding morning
  • My shoes are terribly painful and won’t last me through the day
  • Something about my hairstyle gives me a headache- no worries, I’ve developed a solution
  • My dress needs a few more small alterations unless I am going to develop PERFECT posture before December. (Not a CHANCE of that happening!)

Stay tuned for the next big adventure!

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