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This past week I took bridal photos. I had my doubts about whether I actually wanted to do this whole part of the wedding-thing, but I was glad I did. It was quite the experience, and, although I may have felt like a tourist attraction for the day, I think that it will help our wedding day go much more smoothly.

The weeks and days leading up this were fairly stressful. All along I had thought I could take my sweet time and figure out my jewelry, makeup, etc. by December and all would be well–not so when you take bridal photos at the end of October!! There was a lot of scrambling around last week to figure out makeup, jewelry, dress alterations, and more.

In the end all was well. We were only a little bit late to meet our photographer, Tim, and we only forgot about flowers. (Oops!) Thankfully, my mom and my bridesmaid, Jennah, came with me so they were able to keep me laughing–it’s really awkward to stand around by yourself while someone takes photo after photo of you. (This increases a ton when people start honking their car horns and waving at you!) It was a beautiful day and the rain held off. It started sprinkling about 30 seconds after the last shot!

If you’re debating taking bridal photos-DO IT! In addition to having sweet photos for your family, it forces you to figure everything out early so you don’t have to do it just before the wedding when you’re even more stressed! I learned a lot of helpful things from this, like:

  • Exactly how long my hair/makeup takes-so now I can schedule things for the wedding morning
  • My shoes are terribly painful and won’t last me through the day
  • Something about my hairstyle gives me a headache- no worries, I’ve developed a solution
  • My dress needs a few more small alterations unless I am going to develop PERFECT posture before December. (Not a CHANCE of that happening!)

Stay tuned for the next big adventure!


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