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Cake Advice

Okay internet, I need some advice.

Here’s the scoop:

When we ordered our wedding cake, part of the deal was that the bakery would make us an anniversary cake in the same flavor one year later, free of charge.

Pretty sweet idea since cake that’s been frozen for a year is generally not tasty.

Except, come to find out, our frozen cake actually was really tasty.

Also, for the sake of this story, you should know that we have several pieces of this tasty cake still in our freezer.

Back to the issue at hand:

There were some issues about getting our cake on our actual anniversary, so we postponed the deal to this past weekend.

I emailed back and forth with the bakery multiple times about the details and it was confirmed, more than once, that we would be picking up a spice cake with cream cheese icing.

So on Saturday evening, when we cut into our sweet little anniversary cake, imagine my surprise to find a plain vanilla wedding cake with really bad-tasting icing!

So here’s the question: Do I call and request a new cake? Or do I just forget it and move on with my life?

On the one hand, we have plenty of cake in the freezer that’s STILL good, so we don’t really NEED any more cake. But on the other hand, the happy wishes and dream hand, this was a major dissapointment.

{And, the topic of Chris and my original wedding cake is sort of a tragic story, (which you would know if I could ever get around to writing about it), so I sort of feel like I really need a happy ending to this wedding cake saga. }

But in the end, it’s still just cake.

What would you do?

❤ LF


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